Children love to read and hear stories. When they find their favorites, be prepared to read them at least a half dozen times…a day.  My advice is to select books you also find enjoyable.
A good book is an excellent way to introduce art concepts to children. In my teaching and at home with my kids, I use books to set the stage of an art lesson or hands-on activity and/or review and extend learning into other realms. While there are hundreds if not more to choose from, here are my favorites!

Cloud 9’s TOP 9 – Favorite Books with an Art Connection for Young Children

  1. Woolbur by Leslie Helakoski, Illustrated by Lee Harper – Connection: Weaving, Spirited Thinking *****My Favorite Book!!
  2. Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes Story by Eric Litwin, Art by James Dean – Connection: Creative Solutions, Perseverance
  3. Fancy Nancy at the Museum Written by Jane O’Connor, Illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser – Connection: Art Museums, Art Vocabulary
  4. Henry Hikes to Fitchburg by D.B. Johnson – Connection: Process vs. Product aka Journey vs. Destination, Making Choices
  5. A is for Art An Alphabetical Tour of the Milwaukee Art Museum By Majorie Nelson Moon – Connection: Are Reproductions, Art Museums, Art History
  6. Milo Armadillo by Jan Fearnley – Connection: Knitting, Unique Possibilities
  7. Actual Size by Steve Jenkins – Connection: Perspective, Proportion
  8. Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh – Connection:  Color Mixing, Discovery
  9. The Squiggle by Carole Lexa Schaefer – Connection: Lines, Imagination

P.S. Eric Carle and Lois Ehlert remain my two favorite artists and authors of children’s stories. Our first picks include: Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert and The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle