Learn the art and craft of making paper at Cloud 9 Workshop. If you want to get started right away follow these steps.

Materials Needed:

  • papermaking screen
  • vat (medium-large plastic tub)
  • blender
  • sponge
  • newspapers
  • scrap paper
  • hangers


  1. Prepare Pulp
    tear scrap paper into “postage stamp” size squares
    soak squares in water for 24 hrs. or to save time use hot water and wait one hour
    blend pulp: 1 part paper squares, 2-3 parts water
  2. Pour pulp into vat (plastic tub)
  3. Fill vat with water until 3/4 full of liquid
  4. Submerge screen under slurry (water and pulp mixture) (note: screen side up), pull straight up allowing excess water to run off and through screen
  5. While pulling up jiggle frame to allow fibers to intertwine
  6. Cover paper on screen with a piece of newspaper and turn frame over onto stack of towels or more newspapers
  7. Sponge off the back side of the frame, removing all excess water
  8. Pull frame off paper starting at one corner
  9. Hang paper on hanger to dry (up to one week) or press between heavy objects

When paper is dry (approx. 3-4 days later):

  • Carefully remove paper from towel by running hand between paper and newspaper
  • If a smooth surface is desired; iron
  • If a writing surface is desired; spray with starch and iron


Press paper over a textured surface (wire mesh, tiles, etc) or on the inside of a bowl
Form larger sheets by pressing larger sheets together, edges will bond together if wet
Try adding:

  • different colors of scrap paper before and after blending
  • short pieces of string or yarn after blending
  • dried flowers, leaves before and after blending
  • sparkles before and after blending
  • canceled postage stamps after blending
  • fabric after blending
  • decorative tissue paper/magazine photos after blending

 Hints:  Avoid using newspaper for your pulp. The fibers are too short and will result in poor quality paper.