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DIY toys are fun to make and play with friends! This project is mobile & requires no messy supplies! We started with large craft sticks but no need to stop there. Craft sticks, rubber bands and spoons come in many sizes. Make several & encourage your child to experiment and text new ideas!

Materials Needed:

  • Craft Sticks, various sizes
  • Rubber Bands, various sizes
  • Plastic spoons, various sizes
  • Pom Poms
  • Optional: Plastic Bottle Tops & Hot Glue Gun
  • Optional: Permanent markers


  • Stack 7 craft sticks & rubber band each end
  • Stack 2 craft sticks & rubber band one end
  • Slide stack of 7 sticks between stack of 2 sticks & rubber band joint
  • Rubber band plastic spoon on end of single craft craft stick
  • Place Pom Pom on spoon, pull back & Test your Catapult!
  • Optional: In place of spoon, hot glue plastic bottle top to end of craft stick
  • Optional: Add designs with permanent markers


  • Assist with hot glue gun, if needed

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