How to Create Colorful Spinning Tops from Re-purposed CDs

No longer use CDs? Give them to the kids to turn into these fun spinning tops.

Materials Needed:

  • CDs
  • Permanent markers like Sharpie
  • Marbles
  • Soda bottle tops
  • Hot glue gun, high temp preferred
  • Table covering to protect surface
  • Paint shirt or smock
  • Opt. Stencils & rulers


  • Cover table surface with several layers of paper, newsprint, paper bag or cardboard
  • Draw design on CD using permanent markers
  • Opt. Use stencils or rulers to draw designs
  • Ask grown-up to hot glue marble & soda bottle top to CD


  • Hot glue marble to bottom of CD in center
  • Hot glue soda bottle top to top of CD in center

Cloud 9 Kid Connection:
Kids enjoy creating objects that can be used or played with later. Challenge older children to create radial designs. Radial designs are like rays of the sun and extend outward from the center. This project also has excellent STEM connections. For lesson ideas search “spinning top STEM lessons” online.