You’ll look at the cereal aisle in a whole new way after this project! Don’t stop at a simple box. The possibilities are nearly endless…take it away!!


Materials Needed:

Cereal boxes
Paper cutter (opt.)
Hot glue gun & glue sticks
Ruler or straight, flat stick
Mod Podge (opt.)
Craft brush (opt.)
Newspaper (to protect surface if using Mod Podge)


Prepare Weaving Strips

  1. Collect an assortment of bright colored cereal boxes.
  2. Open boxes along seams and lay flat.
  3. Cut sixty ½” strips from top to bottom of box (the long way)…this is where a paper cutter comes in handy but scissors or a utility blade also get the job done.
  4. For medium and large size boxes, Create long strips by gluing ends of two strips together with dots of hot glue (you will need approximately 30 double strips.)


  1. Lay out 10 double strips vertically on your table surface.
  2. Weave 10 strips horizontally, over and under vertical strips. You will create what looks like a giant plus sign.
  3. Adjust strips to tighten and reduce spaces in weaving. Then, tack strips in place with hot glue dots.
  4. Fold up all loose strips to create box sides. Folding against a ruler helps make folds even.
  5. Weave a double strip around loose, vertical standing strips. The first side strip is the trickiest. Tack this strip ONLY in place with hot glue dot.
  6. Using remaining strips, continue weaving over and under around box to create sides.
  7. When box reaches desired height, cut off strips, leaving 1” at top.

Final Touches

  1. Fold over each end and tack down inside box with hot glue dot.
  2. Opt. Add additional strip to cover glued ends inside box.
  3. Opt. Apply Mod Podge to surface to add strength and water resistance.

Tips: When you glue the double strips, make sure they are straight. Except for the first strip woven for the sides, do not glue each piece in place as you weave. Gluing will prevent you from making adjustments as you weave. Experiment with box size and shape. You can also try weaving coasters!