Deep breath…  Now Jump! Here I go, Cloud 9 Workshop, LLC has taken flight! It’s scary and nerve-racking but a positive experience never-the-less. Some of my earliest memories involved small ventures in creating my own business. Perhaps you’ve experienced them too. There was the lemonade stand that evolved into the customized friendship bracelets stand. One summer, or maybe one weekend, I assumed the role of neighborhood peace keeper with my best friend Allison. We created notes and drawings of inspiration and love that we delivered Free, right to your mailbox. Later, I moved onto jewelry from clay and found objects, hand-made paper stationary and sculptures, and resurfaced household objects. Each time I put my heartfelt ideas out there for the world joyfully accept or discouragingly ignore. Now a parent myself, I can see how tempting it is to ‘fix’ the situation for our loved ones. Call the neighbors over for a refreshing glass of lemonade, or slip a passing stranger fifty cents just to prime the market. It’s tempting but in the end, learning to navigate the bumps and twists of any venture are valuable experiences. Here’s to the journey Cloud 9 Workshop!