DIY Snow Day Fun from Cloud 9 Workshop, featured in Metroparent Magazine

Marble Maze

Snowy days will soon be here. After enjoying the snow outside, come on in and build your own marble maze with simple materials found around your home. We’d love to see your designs. Please share them with us on Facebook or Email 🙂

Materials Needed:

  • Box lid or shoe box
  • Plastic straws (the bigger the better but standard straw size works!)
  • Glue gun & glue sticks-Best! or Liquid school glue
  • Scissors
  • Marble
  • Optional – Interesting assortment of found objects 🙂
  • Optional – Large sheet of paper,
  • Optional – Colorful paper scraps, colorful tape, markers


  • Cut several plastic straws into a variety of shapes
  • Decide where your maze will start and finish
  • Layout start of maze and glue in place. Work from the start to finish, glueing straws in place as you go (just In case the box gets bumped, glue straws in place as you go) Tip: Use plenty of glue if using liquid school glue.
  • Allow glue to dry
  • TEST your ideas & PLAY! (Consider modifying & adding additional straws based on initial tests.)
  • Optional: Add special features and details to your maze using colorful paper scraps, tape and markers.

Optional: Glue straws to a removable sheet of paper that is cut to the size of your box so many maze designs can be created using only one box.

Interested in more DIY Eco-Art projects? Join us at Cloud 9 Workshop’s After School Art Club or Eco-Art Camps!