Feeling Crafty Adult Craft Social – FINAL SEASON!
First up on Jan. 25, 26 & 27 we will be 
CREATING Peace Flags, Leather Keychains & Earrings and Cards to spread cheer in the New Year! REGISTER ON-LINE
Winter/Spring 2017 is our final season of Feeling Crafty Adult Craft Social. We love it too! So we’re not saying so long to Feeling Crafty completely but hello to something NEW! Our final season promises awesome projects amongst good folks in an inspiring environment. Please join us!

What is Feeling Crafty Adult Craft Social?
Good Question! Feeling Crafty Adult Craft Social is a fun & fresh DIY workshop series held in the fall and spring. It’s 4 workshops, one per month, that explore and experiment with on-trend and traditional craft media. Never sewn? No worries! Not crafty? We don’t believe it. Don’t have the time? You, young lady, Deserve and Need this time for YOU.
What’s really at the heart of Feeling Crafty? The freedom to create and realize your ideas in solid form. Too deep?… It’s fun with friends! People, are what make this workshop extra special. Good people all talking, laughing and sharing (but some folks are quiet and just want to be at peace with their projects…that’s ok too.)
We know what we’re doing! Feeling Crafty is lead by professional artist and art educators. We carefully design each workshop experience to be enriching and fun. REGISTER HERE

The LOWDOWN: Feeling Crafty is held 7-9:30 p.m., usually the 3rd or 4th Thursday and Friday of each month. When you register you pick Thursdays or Fridays. Projects are all functional and designed to re-purpose and reuse common and uncommon materials found at home. Each month features 2 NEW projects & an all-you-can-craft, card-making center. Carry-ins of snacks and beverages are welcome.

NEW! Wednesday ADDED for 2017! Registration for Wednesday Feeling Crafty available through the Wauwatosa Recreation Department

If I sign up for Thursdays can I come on a Friday instead?
Good question! If there is room in the workshop you want to switch to, we’re happy to make the swap.
Do I need to register in advance? 

Yes. Advance registration and payment are required to secure your spot. 
Can I register for just one workshop?
It’s possible! We would love to see you each month but understand other folks want to spend time with you too.
Can I bring in my own snacks and beverages? 
You bet, but don’t forget plates, cups & openers.

Do I need to bring any supplies?
No, we’ve got you covered. If you have something extra special you want to add to a project, bring it along!
IMPORTANT!! All C9W workshops are transferrable. If you can’t attend a class, invite a friend to take your place. But please keep us in the loop and send us their name(s), dates they are attending & email.